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3 Alternative Uses for Clay Facial Masks

June 07, 2019

3 Alternative Uses for Clay Facial Masks

Clay facial masks have risen in popularity over recent years due to their natural ingredients which have been proven to boost the skin’s texture and appearance. Particularly with natural and organic clay masks there are numerous ways in which these products can be used to pamper and rejuvenate the entire body!

Types of Clay Facial Masks

As there are so many different clay facial masks on the market, it can be difficult to find the right product for your skin. At Amelia Moss, we champion 3 natural and pure clay facial masks which have been proven to have a positive impact on the skin for a variety of conditions and issues:

Rhassoul Clay

Also referred to as ghassoul clay, rhassoul powder is well-known for being an effective spa treatment. Rhassoul powder is known for unblocking pores, reducing excess oil and encouraging healthy re-growth of the skin.

White Clay

Also known as Kaolin clay, white clay facial masks are gentle and suitable for all skin types. Working as a gentle exfoliator keeping pores clean and open, skin is firm and fresh. Our white clay can be used multiple times a day as it is so gentle.

French Green Clay

French green clay powder is known for its plant matter and mineral ingredients. This clay is ideal for oily skin and those who experience blackheads and acne, as it is highly powerful use is only recommended once per week.

Alternative uses for clay facial masks

There are numerous ways in which clay masks can be used across the body to combat a variety of issues and concerns.

Hair Care

With a natural clay facial mask, they often come in their purest form such as powder. These clay powders can be mixed into a paste and massaged into the scalp and through the ends of the hair. When left on the hair to work their magic, your tresses will be left feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated.

These masks can be used as regular conditioning treatments or as part of a pamper session on a weekly basis. Some clay powders can also be used to wash the hair daily.


Clay facial masks can be used to cleanse the skin as part of a skincare routine. Rather than leaving the mask on the skin, instead the powders can be mixed into a paste, massaged into the skin and rinsed off, leaving skin feeling fully cleansed and fresh.

We recommend using white clay as a cleanser as it is the gentlest on the skin and will simply remove impurities rather than cleansing too deeply.

Reducing Puffy Eyes

For those who suffer with undereye bags and inflammation of the eye area, clay facial masks may just be the answer. Leaving the mask on the undereye area for up to 20 minutes twice per week will reduce inflammation and absorb excess fluid from the area.

Choosing the right clay facial mask

There are a huge range of clay facial masks on the market, all with claims to clear your skin and fix your ongoing skin concerns. However, when selecting the right clay mask for your personal use it is important to investigate the ingredients and how these will benefit your own skin or hair.

At Amelia Moss we currently stock 3 vegan, organic and natural clay masks which can be used on a variety of skin and hair types. We list all the natural properties of our facial masks to help you decide which mask is right for you.

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