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Rose Water Toner

  • Our organic rose water toner is a completely natural, alcohol-free formulation, produced using the finest, hand-picked petals of the Damask rose. The result of painstaking preparation and skill on the part of Moroccan organic farmers, rose water has a wealth of uses.

    Rose water toner can be used as a refreshing cleanser that is ideal for removing everyday dust and grime, and - at night - it can be used to free the skin from the last traces of cosmetics. Conversely, rosewater toner can be used to hydrate and prepare the skin for shaving or for the application of moisturising oils, creams and other treatments.

    Suitable for all skin types, rosewater toner helps to remove excess grease and its anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective, cooling balm for skin that is prone to acne or sunburn. It is an effective skin toner and it also provides an effective, natural way of encouraging healthy skin re-growth after injury, facial treatments or sun damage.

    It can be used on a pad as a gentle cleanser, it can be sprayed in the air as part of a calming aromatherapy session and it can be added to bathwater to impart a pleasant, mild fragrance.

    Notably, it can also be mixed with Rhassoul clay powder to produce a wonderfully toning, cleansing mask.

  • Our alcohol-free, Organic Rose Water toner offers many benefits to skins of different types. It can hydrate tired skin, plumping out fine lines and leaving it feeling smooth, soft and youthful. It can also help clear and close up pores, so the complexion appears clearer, brighter and firmer.

    Those with oily skin will find it helps to regulate sebum production and thereby restores a healthier balance without any drying effect. Likewise, those prone to acne will enjoy its soothing, anti-inflammatory action.

    Rose Water toner is also prized for its ability to help the skin to regenerate more quickly, reducing the appearance of scars, blemishes and discoloured patches, and encouraging rapid recovery after sun damage. When used as part of a mask, it has an anti-ageing effect and imparts a lovely, delicate fragrance.

  • To use rose water as a cleanser, soak a cotton pad or soft tissue with rose water and gently rub into the skin. As a make-up fixer, scent or skin-toner, spray a small quantity about 30cm (1') from the face. Allow to dry naturally and do not rinse.

    It is suitable for all skin types but is especially useful for skin that is dry, sensitive or susceptible to rosacea.

    Note that this product is not for ingestion. Avoid contact with the eyes.

  • The Damask Rose (Rosa damascena ) grows wild in Morocco and its petals have been used as a natural fragrance for centuries. Today, local organic farmers hand-pick the petals, which they then subject to a simple distillation process.

    The only ingredients are the rose petals and natural spring water, so our Organic Rose Water is completely free from alcohol, glycerine and other additives.

    Once it has been produced, it is quickly packed in dark bottles to help preserve the water's efficacy. This is because the product degrades in the presence of bright light. (For best results, it should therefore be stored in a dark place wherever possible.)

    To obtain rose water of the highest quality, we work closely with the growers, who are certified organic farmers. Our fair trade policy ensures they receive a good price for their efforts and helps to ensure the sustainability of their businesses.

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