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Anti-Aging Serum

Our Anti-Aging Serum is a handy serum formulated to keep skin looking youthful. It helps to ensure that skin looks smooth, supple and elastic and helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

It is a blend of five key cold-pressed organic oils, together with vitamin E and squalane, a compound derived from olives. This combination of natural ingredients delivers a range of important benefits in a single, easily applied formulation. The result is a serum rich in moisturising and healing fatty acids, collagen-stimulating vitamins and protective antioxidants.

Our anti-aging serum has been tailored to ensure maximum benefits for the skin.

Benefits of our Anti-Aging Serum

It's always difficult to produce a comprehensive list of benefits for our serums because they combine so many natural oils that yield such a multiplicity of benefits. But, in short, our anti-aging serum has been specially developed to keep your skin looking healthy, smooth, supple and beautiful. This skin serum also helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, including pigmentation marks and sunspots.

An important (but lesser known) ingredient in the serum is squalane, which is produced from olives. Squalane is produced naturally by the body until its mid-20s, its role being to moisturise and protect. Olive squalane closely mimics the body's own; it has a similar molecular structure to human lipids and is therefore easily absorbed by the skin. It also helps moisturising oils to achieve better penetration.

Sometimes described as 'a facelift in a bottle', squalane helps to speed new cell growth, it helps improve patches of dry skin and it inhibits bacterial growth. Our anti-aging serum glides easily over the skin and has a smooth, silky feel, yet it absorbs without leaving a heavy residue.

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