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Rhassoul Clay - 4oz

  • Rhassoul clay - also known as ghassoul clay - occurs naturally in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. It has been used by African people for well over a thousand years but, in recent years, its cleansing properties have achieved worldwide recognition and it is now a very popular and effective spa treatment.

    It is a light brown-coloured lava clay that, as a powder, has an exceptional ability to absorb water and oils, including excess grease in the skin. It contains many beneficial minerals including calcium, silica, potassium and magnesium and, as it cleans and unblocks pores, it also nourishes the skin cells and encourages healthy re-growth. It may be used as an exfoliating agent that gently removes dead and flaking skin, or it can be used as a rejuvenating facial mask. It can also be used on hair, which it both cleans and conditions without the need for chemical-based shampoos.

  • For generations, women in North Africa have used Rhassoul Clay to improve the condition and appearance of their skin and hair. Its benefits are many but they depend on how it is used.

    When applied as a paste to the skin, it has a deep cleansing action; it will unblock clogged pores, closing them and giving the skin a clean, firm and toned appearance. It will also tend to remove excess grease without stripping out the skin's natural protective oils, and it acts as a gentle exfoliant - removing dead and flaking cells. As a result, it leaves the skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

    Moreover, its high natural mineral content nourishes the skin, keeping it healthy and helping it to stay firm and elastic. To achieve these effects, it can be applied as a paste, used in place of soap, or it can be made into a facial mask for a deeper, longer-lasting effect. It works especially well on skin that is prone to acne, enlarged pores and blackheads but its non-irritating properties make it suitable for all skin types. Rhassoul Clay also provides a gentle, natural treatment for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

    When applied to the hair, it improves its feel, condition and manageability. Many users report that it helps to minimise frizz and that its condition effect is cumulative - adding a lasting strength, vitality and lustre to hair of all types.

  • As a skin cleanser: Mix with a little water to form a creamy paste. Apply to the face, neck or body as required, rubbing in gently. Rinse off with warm water. (No soap is necessary.)

    As a face mask: mix with water to form a paste. Optionally, mix with Amelia Moss Rose Water or add a few drops of Argan Oil to add to the moisturising, nourishing effect. Be careful to avoid the eyes and any broken skin. Typically, it should be left on for between 5 and 10 minutes, although those with sensitive skin may prefer to start with shorter durations (e.g. one minute) before building up slowly. Remove with warm water.

    Rhassoul Clay can be used safely on all skin types. However, whilst it is hypoallergenic and a non-irritant, those with extremely sensitive skin should not use it as a mask for prolonged periods; use initially as a skin cleanser and exfoliant to test how the skin reacts. For all other skin types, it delivers immediate and visible benefits - helping to reduce dryness, excess oiliness, flakiness and blocked pores.

    As a hair treatment: Apply to wet or damp hair as a thick, creamy paste and massage gently, being sure to treat the scalp too. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Further shampooing or conditioning should be unnecessary as the lava clay should leave the hair feeling clean, healthy and conditioned.

  • Rhassoul Clay - also known as Ghassoul Clay - is extracted from deposits under the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. A unique lava clay, rich with minerals, it can be found nowhere else on Earth. It is extracted and processed using traditional techniques, without the use of chemicals or heavy industrial processes.

    In its raw form, Rhassoul Clay appears in lumps which are dried in the sun before crushing and sieving to produce a very fine, light brown powder.

    At Amelia Moss, we are careful to select our Rhassoul Clay from the most environmentally responsible suppliers and our fair trade policy ensures that the local producers are able to provide well for themselves and their families.

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